Cheese grits in a rain stream blue deco bowl with butter in white holder with white salt and pepper shakers in the background, sitting on a wood backdrop.

Cheese grits are a beloved dish that combines the creamy richness of cheese with the hearty texture of grits. Grits, made from ground corn kernels, have been a staple in Southern cuisine for centuries, and when paired with cheese, they create a delightful comfort food experience.

To make cheese grits, the grits are cooked slowly in water or milk until they become thick and tender. Then, grated or shredded cheese is added, typically cheddar or American cheese, to create a smooth and flavorful mixture. The cheese melts into the grits, infusing them with its creamy and tangy taste.

The result is a dish with a velvety consistency and a savory, cheesy flavor. Cheese grits can be enjoyed as a side dish, accompanying a variety of main courses, or they can take center stage as a satisfying breakfast or brunch option. They are often served as part of a traditional Southern breakfast, alongside bacon, eggs, and biscuits.